Ethically crafted.
Beautifully genuine.

Artisan Created Diamonds

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Good for the planet.
Good for its people.

By manufacturing our diamonds in the U.S., Spence can guarantee their origin. By eliminating middlemen, we also eliminate questionable practices. And by removing the environmental impact of traditional mining, we reduce our footprint. What you get are beautifully pure diamonds that are conflict-free and proudly crafted in the USA.

Like traditional mined diamonds,
without the mine.

Artisan Created Diamonds aren’t dug up. They’re crafted in a plasma chamber that mimics the earth’s magma layer where diamonds naturally grow. They have the same physical, chemical and optical properties, but they’re two clarity grades higher and 33% larger than a mined diamond of the same price.

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Created with Specialized Science.

Through proprietary equipment and breakthrough technology, Spence literally replicates nature’s diamond-growing environment to produce one-of-a-kind gem-grade diamonds, each with their own inclusions, color and clarity.

Verified with Precision.

Each Artisan Created Diamond is graded and certified by the International Gemological Institute, then reanalyzed by Spence experts to verify that the IGI grading meets our rigorous standards.


Atom by atom, Spence crafts gem-grade diamonds by replicating the same process that creates mined diamonds in the earth’s mantle layer.

Diamond seed is planted in a specialized chamber

Plasma energy grows the seed

After 6–12 weeks it’s gathered

Hand-cut and crafted to perfection

IGI Graded and Certified

Verified by Spence experts