I’d prefer a Canadian diamond. Does Spence have them?
Direct from Canada’s High Arctic! Spence Canadian Diamonds are cut and polished to perfection, then laser inscribed with the Spence Diamonds logo.

Do you offer financing?
Yes, we have very happy financing. You’re going to love what we can do! Learn more

How much should I plan to spend?
Other people will tell you that two months’ salary is a good guideline but that seems to us like a pretty steep hill to climb. We’re a lot more comfortable saying, “You’ll know the right ring when you see it.”

How long has Spence been in business?
Since 1978. We’re based in Vancouver and have a number of retail locations in Canada and diamond buying offices overseas.

We bought an engagement ring from you, but have since moved away and we’d like to purchase the matching wedding band.
Just phone us. We’ll be delighted to pull up your computer records, see exactly which ring you bought and arrange to have the matching wedding band shipped directly to you.

How do I choose the right engagement ring?
If she hasn’t taped any photos to the refrigerator or given you any other helpful clues, just snap a few photos of her other jewelry. This will give you, and us, an idea of her style. White gold or yellow? Simple styles or complex? Geometrical or traditional? The digital photos you took with your cell phone will help us help you hit the bulls eye. But if you’d rather just let her pick it out for herself, that makes sense, too. She has great taste. She picked you, didn’t she?

Does Spence sell conflict diamonds?
No. In full voluntary compliance with United Nations resolutions, Spence diamonds are purchased only from fully vetted, reliable sources. We go to great lengths to be sure that our diamonds did not help to fund a war or inflict suffering of any kind. Our conscience is as tender as yours. Every hand that has ever touched your diamond has been connected to a happy smiling face. Of this you can be sure.