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The Spence Experience

Experience Spence

You know you’ve reached a special chapter in your relationship when you decide to gift a diamond. After all, a diamond is an everlasting expression of everlasting love. And while choosing one can be exciting and romantic, it can also be quite scary. So many styles, so many cuts, so many C’s! It can feel overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be.

At Spence, we don’t do things like other diamond stores. Every display is open, inviting you to explore every exciting possibility. There are no locked glass cases here. And if you start to feel like your head is spinning – and why wouldn’t you; we have over 2,500 different styles – our friendly diamond consultants are there to replace confusion with clarity. To make our knowledge your knowledge. And to put you in control by sharing over 40 years of experience and understanding.

You should feel as confident about your diamond ring as you feel about the person who will wear it.

Another thing that makes Spence unlike other diamond stores is by offering custom rings you can’t get anywhere else. Here, not only can you choose the style, the setting, and the diamond, but we guarantee that your ring will be like no other ring in the world.

Every one of our 2,500 styles can be made into a ring that will only ever be worn by the one you love.

Spence also gives you options other jewelers can’t. Like our Artisan Created Diamonds, an alternative to earth-mined diamonds that are just as genuine but two clarity grades higher and 33% larger than a traditional diamond at the same price. And with the added benefit of being made in a way that’s ethically and environmentally responsible.

You may have seen diamonds before. You may have shopped for diamonds before. You may even have bought a diamond before.

But not like this.